About Us


ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS has had years of success in reaching across the spectrum of the corporate and cause arenas helping to forge strong partnerships, purposefully delivering marketing solutions that further brand awareness as well as initiating revenue streams for all the collaborative partners. We understand how to speak to and create marketing opportunities to both these worlds helping to achieve the desired marketing goals.

We have built a strong network of resources that leverage the best ideas in support our clients’ marketing. We are committed to bringing experts to the table to create the most seamless, integrated, and cross-supportive strategies with media organizations as consultants to help connect advertisers to cause organizations. This gives us a tremendous opportunity to connect both our for-profit and non-profit clients broadening reach and establishing important sponsorships.

 We have crafted campaigns for Swatch, St. Regis Hotels, Honda Motorcycles, Yamaha, Alpine Auto Sound, LG Electronics, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, E ! Channel Networks, Universal Studios Tours, Sallie Mae, Southwest Airlines, Miller Brewing Company, Gianni Versace, Vans, Volkswagen, Fila, J. Robert Scott Furniture, and Conde Nast among others.

 In the philanthropic area our experience includes wide-reaching branding, fundraising and membership generating campaigns for Oxfam America and their efforts to make trade fair in small, emerging countries, The Festival of Children Foundation…an organization that supports the charities that help our kids; The ACLU; Planned Parenthood Federation of America; Amnesty International; The Girl Scouts of America; Declare Yourself, a young peoples’ voter initiative; Americans for Fairness in Lending; The Native American Indian Housing Council; The Elton John Aids Foundation; The Salvation Army; The Pat Tillman Foundation, fostering youth leadership and The National Endowment for Financial Education to name a few.



Passion and purpose are not words that you find in mass marketing strategies. Mass marketing is about selling the most product to the most amount of people. It’s about inspiring habitual actions. The look, feel, and message of our work is about creating that personal connection that says this is important to me as a unique individual. Ideas with passion and purpose can cut through the clutter and find their target; where people make decisions about what they want to be part of, belong to, and help change.

ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS create campaigns that speak to people; people who want to make an impact in the world, people who become dedicated members, givers, advocates and promoters. The challenge is to reach them in the midst of all the media madness grabbing them and owning them. That is how ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS distinguishes itself – our approach is to empower a brand with the social and emotional impact that says, “I want to be part of this experience”. We approach every challenge with intelligence, innovative thinking and wit. The campaigns we create are provocative and entertaining; never being lost in the confusing mob of messages that bombard us every day.

ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS is known for their unexpected brand positioning; messages that actually make you stop and think – messages that inspire you to action. If you don’t believe that, just look at our work.



Andrew Janson | Co-Chairman / Executive Creative Director

Andrew Janson has been recognized worldwide for his unmistakable signature creative imprint on everything from iconic album covers to many of the best known and visually striking advertising campaigns. He specializes in strategic, unexpected brand positioning, cutting-edge creative direction and remarkable, award-winning campaign development.

Recipient of numerous awards for achievement in both print and broadcast, Andrew’s clients have benefited from his strength in crafting comprehensive advertising campaigns that are distinguished for their focus on key issues in ways that are both captivating and memorable.

Andrew Janson’s philosophy is purposely grounded in the fundamentals, with an understanding that success for any brand or company requires a distinct presence in popular culture that, when coupled with a graphic footprint and solid core messaging, simply and directly sets itself apart – not just from its competition, but also from every other message vying for influence in the arena of public opinion.


Lyndon Chubbuck | Co-Chairman / CEO

Besides being an award winning motion picture, television and commercial director and producer, Lyndon Chubbuck brings a corporate management mentality to our agency from his experience as CEO of many companies.

 With his proven production abilities, he allows us to offer clients the added value of the highest possible quality at affordable cost through our in-house production company

In collaboration with Andrew Janson, Lyndon has produced campaigns for Swatch, Paramount Pictures, E! Channel Network, Sallie Mae, Miller Brewing Company, ACLU, Amnesty International, Salvation Army, and many more notable brands.

As a film and TV director, Lyndon has over one hundred episodes of primetime programs, pilots and movies with several Emmy Awards, to his credit. He has worked for Disney, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Columbia Tristar and Twentieth Century Fox.

Lyndon is the founder of Vanguard Entertainment, Ivana Chubbuck Studio, The Chubbuck Cinema Company, and Chubbuck Consolidated Industries. His transmedia company GraffitWall is the only software platform that creates immersive brand saturated, interactive communities that foster stronger connections between consumers and brands while providing metrics of consumers’ engagement and interest.

With his extensive expertise, production relationships and a keen marketing acumen in the development of entertainment media vehicles, Lyndon Chubbuck helps to create within today’s popular culture a broader awareness of important issues and causes.


Karl Bergstrom | President

Mr. Bergstrom is a seven time "Presidents Club Winner” with a comprehensive background in Sales and Marketing.  He has extensive experience in Media Management, Film & Video Production, Music as well as an understanding of Voice and Data Technologies.  Prior to joining AJ&P, Mr. Bergstrom was President of Back Bay Media Group, a Brand Integration and Social Media Management company that created and distributed digital content to TV, Internet, OTT and Mobile Devices.

Karl’s background further includes nine years as Vice President of Sales for USLEC, a Voice and Data company where he grew the organization to a 39% market share in less than 48 months.  As VP of Sales and Marketing for Boston Optical Fiber, he secured $12 million dollars in Federal Government contracts selling Fiber Optic products and launching the company. 

He attended Berklee College of Music as an Arranging and Composition Major and is an accomplished musician.


Trinity Kerr | Account Executive

Management Consultant,Trinity Kerr’s diverse expertise spans business management, advertising, finance, real estate, apparel and photography. As a Management Consultant to various entrepreneurs, Trinity has led many diverse entrepreneurial projects in the creative field. Seasoned in the startup realm, Trinity’s expertise concentrates on getting brands from the idea stage to actual launch through assessing, designing and implementing each division of a business’s mission and operation.

Trinity’s fundamental center revolves around developing and maintaining inspired teams with a clear, unified vision of a project. She believes that the tone and interrelation of a project’s team results in exceptional outcomes and efficient implementation.

 As Account Executive, her focus is on following through on the agreed upon strategies that are transparently communicated to both the client and creative team members. Trinity is also responsible for overseeing the operational and budgetary components of projects.


 Gregg Cebulski | Director of Strategic Brand Planning

“The best creative solutions start with a clear understanding of the brand’s unique place in the customer’s mind.”  

A strategic, creative “what if” person might be the best way to describe Gregg. He began his career as a copywriter, then creative director with some of the leading agencies in the Midwest, helping to build brands like Hallmark, Folgers, Suave and Gatorade. He believes strongly in the philosophy that while consumers need a product (a car for example) they also want a brand (i.e. a Mercedes). Finding a way to tap into their particular “want zone” is what creates brand loyalty. “In an era of fancy labels like “image engineering”, it still comes down to arresting your audience with messages that say this brand is talking to me about something that is important to me. And I think doing that in a provocative and unexpected way leaves the customer with a smile…that’s what sets us apart.”


Liz Castleman | Branding / Identity and Naming Strategist

With over 14 years experience with branding and naming firms, Liz Castleman brings to Andrew Janson & Partners an intrinsic aptitude for developing and testing brand names, whether for a single product, a new venture or total company rebrand. She possesses the right mix of right-brain creativity and left-brain strategy to explore and define names that are engaging, legally available, meet brand metrics and flexible enough to communicate deeper meaning and support longer-term goals.

Liz honed her skills at Siegel+Gale, Zenmark Branding and Lexicon Branding. She has worked with Landor Associates, PS212, The Naming Group, and Sterling Brands, on more than 100 product, service, and corporate naming assignments. She has developed a systematic approach that ensures each client engagement begins with the right amount of naming education—specifically around how to think about and evaluate names going into the process—and concludes with the ‘right’ brand names that all key audiences can support and rally around. 

 A sampling of Liz’s experience with notable brands includes: Amex, ASICS, Ask.com, AT&T, Bank of America, BMW, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Caesars Entertainment, Corsair, Dolby, Eli Lilly, Epson, Feed the Children, Forest Ethics, Fabrik Entertainment (formerly Fuse), GE, HP, J Penney, KPMG, LG, Nestlé, Novartis, P&G, Pfizer, Samsung, Sandoz, Siemens, Sony, Sprint, United Talent Agency (UTA), and YouSendIt.

 She also is an active volunteer with the Taproot Foundation and LA Waterkeeper.


Marla Goldstein | Media Services

Marla brings a wealth of knowledge from the perspective of both client and agency. She began her advertising career at Young & Rubicam in New York. She moved to McCann Erickson handling media planning for United Vintners and soon found her way to L.A. where she put down lasting roots. Marla worked for Della Femina, Travisano & Partners before joining Doyle Dane Bernbach. In 1984 she joined NBC Entertainment as Director Media Planning, where she was instrumental in the branding of NBC as Must See TV and was part of the successful launch of MSNBC. In 2002 she returned to the agency side at MediaVest, where she managed media planning and buying for Paramount. Before joining Andrew Janson & Partners, she provided media planning and buying expertise to a number of clients including KCET. Marla serves on the Board of Directors of Good Beginnings, a support group at Cedars Sinai. During her tenure as President, Good Beginnings was part of the umbrella “Campaign for the 21st Century” which raised $7 million to build a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cedars.


Michael Kirby | Creative Director / Copy

Michael Kirby makes sure every word in our work finds and secures the elusive emotional link between a brand’s promise and a consumer's desires then fosters memorability while stimulating motivation.

While experienced in a broad range of categories and media, Michael specializes in social cause and public advocacy communications, having created concepts and crafting copy for the ACLU, Affordable Housing Development Corporation, American Overseas Medical Relief, Amnesty International, Communities of Color New Haven, National Endowment for Consumer Education, National Kidney Foundation, County Human Relations Council, Oxfam America, Pat Tillman Foundation, People For The American Way, Salvation Army, Surfer’s Endowment for the Arts, Susan G Komen 3-Day For The Cure, the United Way of Southern California, Washington Coalition To Reduce Underage Drinking, and many more.


Geoffrey Peters | Analytical Specialist 

Geoffrey Petersexperienceasadigitalmediacontentproviderand socialmediamanagementexpertallowshimtocreateand distributes powerful content for Broadcast Television, Internet and Mobile Devices, including the first live stream of The Oscars.

His understanding of Advertising Metrics goes beyond the Internet and SocialMediatoMobileMediaandVideoStreamingapplications for deeperinsightsintoexactlyhowouradsandcampaignsengage and covertacrossalldigitalchannels,  givingustheultimate metricsfor optimization.

 With an unparalleled ability to capture and analyze information, Geoffrey has helped increase clients’ revenue as much as 49%.


Marla Friedler | Producer – Broadcast & Radio

Marla Friedler is a true communications professional with many years of experience in the field as well as being a professor at one of the top educational institutes in the country. She is a very experienced producer, having produced numerous television shows, independent feature films, live events, commercials and infomercials.

Marla’s 20 plus years of vocational experience has been focused in film production. She worked as an ad agency producer as well as a production company producer and has produced commercials for some of the world’s top agencies and clients in addition to a variety of entertainment projects. Marla currently teaches film, television and strategic communications courses as well as continuing her work as a producer.


Wolf Kasteler Public Relations

ANDREW JANSON & PARTNERS collaborates with Wolf Kasteler Cause, the philanthropic arm of Wolf Kasteler Public Relations. The cause division focuses on overall strategy for clients in capacities ranging from celebrity ambassador development and maintenance, to securing publicity for advertising and marketing campaigns, entertainment-oriented networking and creative fundraising, amongst other services. Wolf Kastelerhas not only secured prominent personalities and influencers across the globe for philanthropic support and campaigns, they have successfully created numerous multi-faceted campaigns that gain international attention and increase corporate and foundation support with measureable results. Our mutual endeavors include clients such as Oxfam America, ACLU, Salvation Army, Festival of Children Foundation and Entertainment Industry Foundation.